Shipping Internationally

How a Fulfillment Service Helps with International Shipping

Xpert Fulfillment offers a variety of commercial shipping options to meet your needs, from fastest to most economical! Contact us for more details.

Shipping over international borders can be expensive. If you work with a fulfillment center you can drastically reduce your transportation costs. Xpert Fulfillment will manage packing, labeling, shipping, and adhere to all of the customs rules and regulations. All you do is pay a flat-fee.

The Effect on Shipping Cost

Each country has different duties and taxes, which affect shipping cost. For this reason, it may make sense to target specific countries. Start small, with the countries you know you are able to ship to. Some countries may hold your product for weeks to make sure it meets all requirements, and that the customs papers are correct.
If you sell a number of orders to Canadian customers, and you are shipping from another country, you should know that it is relatively inexpensive to ship to Canada from the US. Specifically, if you work with a fulfillment service provider that is geographically located in close proximity to Canada. FedEx Ground service to Canada is a cost effective service that rivals the price of similar USPS services. Some of the cheaper USPS international options have no tracking whatsoever, while it saves money, it is difficult to tell whether something was delivered.

Customs Preparation

An often overlooked aspect of shipping internationally is the customs preparation. Different forms may be needed depending on which country. You need an adequate complete description of the item, a value (which will be the value your customer is taxed upon, this is also the value which insurance is calculated from) and obviously the weight and quantity. Verify that your product can be shipped to the destination, some countries have various restrictions. You must write the full country name in capital letters on the last line of your shipment’s recipient address.

Global Warehouses

A fulfillment company that has global warehouses, greatly increases your sales force. It allows you the ability to split inventory to high concentration areas or low concentration areas. Service and assembly fees are also often lower than outsourcing in other worldwide destinations. It also leverages the power of the fulfillment company, and their assets and connections, to you.

Xpert Fulfillment is familiar with the nuances of shipping internationally, which is why it’s highly suggested, that you let us handle your fulfillment. We make the process much simpler for you. Contact us today with any questions!

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