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The world of eCommerce is growing fast – and so is the need to outsource order fulfillment. Finding a fulfillment partner is an important step in growing your business and we’re here to help guide you through. Xpert Fulfillment has many years of experience working with a wide range of industries and businesses, small and large alike.

Our flexible service and pricing plans are customized to meet your needs and budget – we extend a multitude of options to save you as much money as possible on shipping, including taking advantage of the relationships we have built with the major shipping carriers. Our experienced shipping department processes your orders efficiently, accurately and with a fast turnaround which keeps your customers happy.

Cosmetics, vitamins and supplements require special packing and care. Xpert Fulfillment goes above and beyond the competition. Our experienced team packs your merchandise to your specifications in the best protective packaging solutions obtainable to safeguard their fragile contents; whereas our simple cart integration and API permits for close inventory following, ensuring pick and pack accuracy.

Apparel comes in several shapes, colors and sizes, presenting its own set of challenges. Our API allows for close inventory tracking, ensuring pick and pack accuracy and our skilled team packs your attire up for shipping to your precise specifications. With apparel brings inevitable returns and exchanges; our real-time net portal makes keeping track of and restocking returns simple.

You’ve worked hard on your book and we understand that it requires special handling, which is why we take extra care when packaging and shipping them to your customers. Our extensive experience working with authors and publishers ensures that your printed materials get shipped in the most professional, protective packaging available – and shipped out fast.

Online shopping is growing extremely fast and breaking records with each passing year – and with so many orders needing shipped, the need for superior eCommerce order fulfillment services has grown as well. When it’s time for your business to grow and outsource fulfillment, you can trust that we will not be just a service, but also a committed partner to you and your company.

You’ve run your crowdfunding campaign with success, congratulations! Now comes the complex part of fulfilling and shipping your backer rewards and pre-orders. Crowdfunding fulfillment is an often overlooked, yet crucial part of the process. Your backers have given you their support and expect what was promised to them; you have to take care of with getting your business off the ground – choosing to partner with a reputable order fulfillment service is a wise choice for many reasons.

At Xpert Fulfillment, supporting the crowdfunding community has always been very important to us, since the industry started several years ago. We are well versed and experienced in the challenges crowdfunding may present and offer not only seamless rewards fulfillment, but also guidance throughout the campaign process.

We offer competitive pricing that is customized to meet your unique needs and budget; specifically for crowdfunding projects, we offer a special discount off our regular pricing. Why? Because we know you’re already paying crowdfunding platform fees and are just starting a business; you are working with a tight budget and we want to see you succeed.

Tech gadgets and small electronics are a growing commodity; their high value and fragile nature require special care. We carefully store your electronic devices in our secure warehouse, while our easy-to-use cart integrations and API keep close tabs on their inventory levels in real-time. When it’s time to ship, we take care to use the most protective packaging solutions available.

Tabletop and board games are thriving; in fact, games are one of the fastest-growing crowdfunding categories out there. As game crowdfunding projects and sales surge, so is the need for accurate and efficient game order fulfillment. Our advanced inventory system and same-day shipping ensures your games get out the door as quickly as possible, no matter how big or small the order.

International shipping and customs can seem complicated, but we’ll be there to help you navigate through it to find the best options to fit your needs and budget with our discounted carrier rates. Is your business based outside the US? Xpert Fulfillment can help you to extend your global operations and serve your worldwide customers by being your US-based fulfillment partner.

Times have changed and these days, everyone has a cell phone. The mobile accessories industry is booming – from smartphone cases to protective accessories, the need for a seamless e-commerce experience is critical. We offer hassle-free web integration, real-time order and inventory tracking, and cost-effective shipping to get your mobile accessories to waiting customers – fast.


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