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With competitive order fulfillment pricing, Xpert Fulfillment is ready to help you fulfill your orders quickly and inexpensively!

Unlike the competition, we provide discounted shipping options!
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Our standard rates go as low as $1.25 per order! You’ll find XFS is far cheaper than the competition! This is because we’re the experts at fulfillment!

All quotes include two free pallets of storage and 100 free SKUs! Rates are negotiated based on monthly volume, storage requirements and shipping method.


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Rather than having to hire your own employees, by partnering with Xpert Fulfillment, you will have more time to cultivate your business and grow it!

There are many benefits to choosing Xpert Fulfillment:

Cost Effective

We Price Match!

Allows for More Time to Focus on your Business

No need to hire extra help to fulfill orders

Unlike our competitors, we are so confident in our rates, that we don't hesitate to publish them online!

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No Setup Fees

No Minimums

No "Account Processing Fees"

No Receiving Fees*

Discounts on Inbound Freight

Standard Packaging is Included

Included up to 1 cubic foot in volume. Breakable items and items requiring special packaging are subject to an additional packaging fee, provided this constitutes the majority of orders. If special packaging is required for your items, you may either provide your own packaging, or we will purchase packaging on your behalf and bill you back at our expense.

An additional $2.00 charge will apply

All tiers have an allotment of free pallets. Each additional pallet on hand at the time of monthly invoicing is $15. (based on 64 cubic ft per standard 4x4x4 pallet) Long term storage is also available (longer than 6 months).

Negotiated based on scope of project.

Receiving fees will not be charged provided inventory arrives sku labeled, or with a packing list. If inventory arrives floor loaded on a container, or in mixed cartons without segregation, a $35 per labor hour fee will be applicable for unloading / sorting inventory.

Services such as Signature required, insurance, COD, etc are billed at the carrier rate.

TPB options are available, but will be negotiated based on volume. Occasional Third Party shipments will be billed at $10.00.

$1.50 per order for military and international addresses

*Other factors may alter fulfillment fees, such as very heavy items, or inventory that can only be moved on pallets, or requires special handling etc.
**FedEx Discounts do not apply to surcharges (signature required, fuel, etc.)

How Do Our Rates Compare to Doing It Yourself?

One full-time employee @ $10.00 per hour, without benefits, will cost you around $2000 per month.

With XFS, you only pay fees when we ship your orders. You don't pay us for coffee breaks, sick days, holidays, or vacations, like you do with your own employees.

You would not require a space to store and process your orders.

Limit staff to marketing, customer service, and administration.

Have the ability to grow your business without requiring additional space and staff.

Where are you located? Our primary facility is located in Michigan, which means that 72% of the US population is Zone 5 or less! This could translate into a huge savings on your shipping expense!

Our fees are low, because we are very efficient at processing orders. Our systems and staff are geared towards the most effective methods of order processing. We have highly sophisticated software, and experienced staff.

Shipping Options

Primary Shipping Options

Beware of other Fulfillment Centers that discount “Retail Rates.” These rates are usually 17-23% higher than what you would consider “Retail,” and represent rates you would pay if you did not have an account. They do this to create the illusion you are receiving a larger discount.
We discount Daily Pickup rates.
Discounts are based on volumes and average weights.
Please contact us for more information regarding specific shipping rates.

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